Our Founder

Laytana Henderson, Founder

Latanya (Jones) Henderson’s love for the arts began at the Elma Lewis School of Fine Arts when she was a child. She studied the Arts and performed many years in the legendary song play by Langston Hughes, “Black Nativity”. As a (pre) teen she moved on to study dance at the Roxbury Center for Performing Arts.     


At 16, Latanya worked with L’Oréal and Revlon as a model traveling extensively around the USA. She could be seen in print ads and local television commercials. She moved to New York City, and quickly succumb to the social ills ending her pursuit of modeling and arrested her interest in the Arts. She became prey for the street predators, and her worst fears came to pass, a teenage mother, drug addiction, and a felon. But Latanya’s story is a story of redemption. 

She returned home to Boston and completed a fellowship at M.I.T becoming a certified Urban Planner. Her most rewarding work, however, has always been with inner-city youth. Her motivation was to prevent as many young people from succumbing to the pitfall of the inner-city as she once did.


She has worked as a “youth service advocate” for Boston’s Center for Families & Children, a “program coordinator” for Judge Baker’s Children Center (Express Yourself Program), “director” of Girl’s Programing for Boston’s TenPoint Coalition, as well as a “facilitator”-

for the Fortune Society (Alternative To Incarceration) program for teens and young adults from the 5 boroughs in New York City’s underserved communities.  

As a teaching artist Latanya taught tap dance to youth from the Mission Hill section of Roxbury. She taught acting to middle school students in the New York City Public Schools, and spearheaded the youth acting group for the Renaissance Youth Center in the Bronx, NY.


Today Latanya is the Founder and Executive Director of “All Things Art, Inc.” a nonprofit organization that provides performance-based programs (dance, visual art, intro fashion design, music studio tech, and acting/playwriting) along with life changing social services (academic tutoring, advocacy, counseling, civic engagement, and workshops) all free of charge.